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Campus Communications - Arcadia


In many college or business campuses, communications for productions are necessary, but having a single system that can reach all the locales can be a difficult task. Moving flypacks from place to place can be difficult and many times your have more productions than flypacks. The latest firmware release for the Arcadia Central Station allows for higher device capacities and the ability to connect to other stations or frames via and IVC connection. This gives a large campus significant flexibility to scale communications to virtually any size.

How it Works
Two Arcadia Central Stations and an Eclipse-HX Delta matrix frame are deployed at specific locations around the campus. Each major device can be connected to each other using IVC ports – this allows an audio engineer to configure audio routes throughout the entire audio network. But more importantly, each production can have its own set of intercom devices for its respective project. The flexibility of Arcadia allows for FreeSpeak II, FreeSpeak Edge, HelixNet, Encore and a series of third-party Dante devices or other communication equipment to all function in the same ecosystem. The equipment can be either homogenous or a mixture of different types of intercom systems.



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