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Gen-IC Virtual Intercom service enables real-time partyline workflows, without the need for intercom hardware, using Agent-IC and Station-IC Virtual Clients. Gen-IC is scalable for small to large teams, with optional LQ interfacing to on-premises intercom systems. 

Product Family

Complete your Gen-IC with our suite of products.

Why Choose Gen-IC?

Intercom Anywhere

Gen-IC is developed on cutting edge cloud technologies providing users with an easy & effective real-time intercom solution. Gen-IC can provide temporary communication for simple content creation or live production, with no need for dedicated intercom hardware, while also providing high capacity for virtual clients on existing intercom hardware solutions.

Powered by I.V. Core Technology

Clear-Com's patented I.V. Core Instant Voice IP technology provides the stability of central management, coupled with the scalability and cost effectiveness of decentralized intercom mixing.

Performance & Support

Gen-IC can be deployed in any of six datacenters around the world for high quality of service and latency comparable with hardware systems. Gen-IC provides virtual intercom with high availability and security without hardware, networking, or capital expenditure.

SkyPort Administration

The SkyPort Administration Portal’s Workspaces enables self-serviced administrations of Gen-IC subscriptions (permanently or temporarily), in addition to the distribution of Virtual Clients and their credentials to the intercom system’s end-users.

Virtual Intercom

With Gen-IC production, content creator teams can enjoy standalone virtual real-time intercom without dedicated hardware.

Virtual Clients

With Gen-IC, Agent-IC & Station-IC Virtual Clients can be added to on-site hardware intercom systems using LQ interfaces.

Intercom Bridging

With Gen-IC, multi-site productions can have intercom system channels bridged to multiple sites, regardless of where they are.