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The EQUIP wireless system operates in the 5GHz band and provides exceptional audio quality and coverage even in challenging RF environments. The system provides two channels of full-duplex audio communication and can deploy up to 40 wireless headsets. The headsets are supported by four external transceiver antennas which can be placed wherever wireless coverage is needed.  

Why Choose EQUIP?

Easy Set-Up

Headsets are easily paired to the EQUIP system using NFC communication and come with voice alerts with status details. The touchscreen menu is simple for set-up configuration and monitoring.

Full-Duplex Communications

The EQUIP system provides 2 channels of full-duplex audio communication, so users don’t have to take turns speaking.

Stay Connected Everywhere

Up to 40 wireless headsets can be supported by transceivers placed wherever wireless coverage is needed.

Small Performance Art Theatre EQUIP

Even at smaller performance arts theatres, communications are key to ensuring a successful production. These are centers where actors and staff might still be learning about theatre production. Having a dependable communication system helps them learn faster and takes some worry out of the timing that the performance must have.

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Catheterization Laboratory with EQUIP

The EQUIP intercom system provides catheterization lab personnel with a state-of-the-art hands-free communication system. The system’s base station can be placed anywhere in the office area – an electrical closet, computer room, or office. Transceiver antennas are then placed anywhere wireless communication is needed. In most environments, four transceivers will easily cover the entire office area. Medical personnel can communicate over two separate channels to speak with doctors and nurses on two different teams in two different cath labs. 

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