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Arcadia Central Station System

Arcadia® Central Station is a scalable IP intercom platform integrating FreeSpeak® wireless and HelixNet® wired intercom user stations with I.V. Direct, Dante, 2-Wire and 4-Wire interfaces in a compact 1RU device. Arcadia’s compact 1RU form factor is capable of mixing 285 audio signals, features front panel intercom user station, fast and easy setup, configuration and monitoring.

Product Family

Complete your Arcadia Central Station System with our suite of products.

Why Choose Arcadia?

Wired and Wireless Integration

Integration of both wired and wireless partyline systems. The 1RU device provides 2-wire, 4-wire, SFP and GPIO connections allowing both analog and digital intercom capability including the full range of FreeSpeak® products (E1/IP TCVRs; 1.9, 2.4 and 5 GHz beltpacks), HelixNet® Wired Intercom (HelixNet Remote Station, Speaker Station, and Beltpack), I.V. Direct and Dante Audio Network Interfaces.

Flexible and Future-Proof

The Central Station allows the user to increase the number of ports to 168 – with port licenses available in increments of 16. As the need for greater capacity grows or a new feature is needed, field deployable Licensed Port Upgrades can be used to increase Arcadia’s intercom footprint.

IP Interoperability

With a multitude of third-party devices running on IP, the Central Station provides tremendous flexibility by allowing communication routes to Dante devices via 64 licensable ports.

Easy Setup and Monitoring

The system is configured through a redesigned Core Configuration Manager (CCM™) enabling rapid setup, configuration and monitoring. The intuitive user interface has a consistent design for a quick and simple means of configuring the Central Station with role-based beltpacks, including save and restore, text messaging, individual beltpack and group call signal and remote mic kill.

Performance Center Communications

A Performance Center can be a somewhat sprawling facility. They typically have multiple theatres, multiple dressing rooms, a carpentry area and additional the box office and administrative space. A communication system for a facility like this would seem to require starting with a significant piece communications equipment, but that’s actually not the case. Arcadia Central Station is a 1RU device that supports up to 64 beltpacks from all three FreeSpeak frequency bands, 128 HelixNet devices using 24 channels, and 16 ports of I.V. Direct connections. On top of that, the station has an additional 64 ports of Dante/AES67 which can be added through a flexible port licensing system. The device also houses 2-wire and 4-wire ports to add analog intercom equipment and third-party devices. This scalability makes covering the entire Performance Center with a single device a reality.

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Campus Communications

In many college or business campuses, communications for productions are necessary, but having a single system that can reach all the locales can be a difficult task. Moving flypacks from place to place can be difficult and many times your have more productions than flypacks. The latest firmware release for the Arcadia Central Station allows for higher device capacities and the ability to connect to other stations or frames via and I.V. Direct connection. This gives a large campus significant flexibility to scale communications to virtually any size.

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