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Test & Evaluation

Advancements in components, systems and operational capabilities often require controlled environments to assess their performance, design and supportability by comparing them against requirements and specifications. Collaboration is a critical element to ensure safety, proper coordination, and the precise sequence of the evolution.

Clear-Com offers a wide range of full-duplex, low latency voice communication solutions for a variety of test and evaluation workflows which may also require a level of security due to the nature of that which is being tested and where it is being tested. Built for reliability and durability, our systems are designed to keep people connected even in high ambient noise environments, with high-quality audio for unparalleled speech intelligibility. Redundancies and overall system robustness ensure constant contact.

With over 50 different user station models to choose from, combined with an ability to seamlessly interface with nearly any type of audio equipment, Clear-Com is able to accommodate just about any communications workflow.

Features & Benefits

Application Solutions

Here are just a few examples of product configurations for select Test & Evaluation applications which can be fully customizable to fit your specific needs.


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Featured Products

Exceptional communication tools are vital for a successful production, broadcast, or project. From headsets to cabling, our product lines include everything you need to get on the air.

Products for Test & Evaluation