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Products for Test & Evaluation

Clear-Com offers a range of robust and reliable system solutions for Test and Evaluation applications, from quick to deploy systems such as HelixNet digital partyline and the LQ Series of IP Interfaces, to a range of wireless options, including the digital wireless FreeSpeak systems and the Agent-IC mobile app for smart devices.

All Clear-Com products are manufactured at and serviced from our California Operations facilities, ensuring that we can respond quickly to urgent needs. With a dedicated team of experienced, US-based Applications Engineers, Training Specialists, and Technical Support personnel, we offer a comprehensive program of remote and/or onsite training and support to ensure your success. With over 50 years of experience, Clear-Com is uniquely qualified to deliver on a promise of innovation combined with long-term, mission-critical reliability.

We are here to help design a system that meets your specific needs; please Contact Us for a customized solution.

Arcadia Central Station

Arcadia® Central Station is a scalable IP intercom platform integrating both wired and wireless capability. The flexibility and scale make Arcadia a great fit for test sites. A single 1RU box can connect all decks with wired speaker/mic boxes where individuals are in stationary areas or provide beltpack and headset communications for anyone who needs full mobility around testing environments.

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HelixNet Digital Partyline

HelixNet Digital Partyline system is a plug-and-play, quick to deploy wired system, ideally suited for a mobile environment. With a small footprint, various form factors for endpoints, and simple daisy-chain wiring, HelixNet is a workhorse of communications with excellent audio quality for clarity of voice commands. Featuring an embedded system for more secure implementations, programming the system is a simple process via a web-based interface.

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FreeSpeak Digital Wireless
(1.9 GHz | 2.4 GHz | 5 GHz)

The FreeSpeak range of digital wireless products offers high-quality audio transmission in an easy-to-deploy package for stand-alone operation or integration with other communications systems. FreeSpeak systems operate across three different wireless bands – 1.9, 2.4 and 5 GHz – and can connect to an Eclipse-based system or a FreeSpeak Base Station. FreeSpeak Edge systems provide additional security with bi-directional AES256 encryption, delivering robust and secure audio performance.

FreeSpeak’s high levels of intelligibility and clarity of audio ensure that every message is heard clearly, and allows operators to use the system for long periods of time with less fatigue. A wide variety of headset options offer comfort, durability and performance for different applications.

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LQ Series IP Interfaces

LQ Series devices facilitate the bridging of different systems as well as deliver seamless interoperability between local and remote resources via IP and VoIP/SIP integration. By adding an LQ device, administrators can easily connect remote sites and locations via a variety of connections, including those having low bandwidth and/or Quality-of-Service (QoS). LQ Interfaces are tolerant of a diverse set of network conditions, scaling across and adjusting to various network and connection performances. Even in situations with a very low QoS, LQ can still maintain clear and concise communications across nearly any network.

Designed to be easy to deploy, a throw-down LQ box can instantly provide IP and SIP interfacing using the existing network infrastructure. Available in a variety of interface type, capacity and physical mounting options, LQ is the universal translator for any communications system.

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Station-IC Virtual Client

The Station-IC Virtual Workstation Client can be hosted via either an LQ or Eclipse-based system and operates on computers running Windows or MacOS operating systems, offering a simple way to seamlessly integrate these operators into the Intercom Communications system with access to any resource on the network. Whether the team members are working locally or remotely, Station-IC offers a flexible solution for bringing these operators into the fold.

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Agent-IC Mobile App

For mobile connectivity on-the-go over WiFi or cellular, Agent-IC mobile app is a multi-channel comms station on your Android or iOS mobile smart device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or even a smartwatch. Connecting to either an LQ or Eclipse-based system, Agent-IC offers a flexible and easy-to-deploy mobile solution for operators on the go.

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