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Products for Secure Communications

Clear-Com offers a range of Secure Communications solutions, from the accredited AMLS technology that allows operators to listen across multiple security domains to the stand-alone FreeSpeak Edge digital wireless system with dual AES256 encryption. The AMLS-enabled Eclipse Digital Matrix offers a multitude of connectivity options, either analog or IP-based, and delivers a complete system that can easily be scaled up as needed. The low cross-talk headset rounds out the AMLS offering, delivering binaural fading for operator efficiency.

All Clear-Com products are manufactured at and serviced from our California Operations facilities, ensuring that we can respond quickly to urgent needs. With a dedicated team of experienced, US-based Applications Engineers, Training Specialists, and Technical Support personnel, we offer a comprehensive program of remote and/or onsite training and support to ensure your success. With over 50 years of experience, Clear-Com is uniquely qualified to deliver on a promise of innovation combined with long-term, mission-critical reliability.

We are here to help design a system that meets your specific needs; please Contact Us for a customized solution.

Eclipse HX (AMLS-enabled)

When enabled with Clear-Com’s patented and accredited Audio Multi-Level Security (AMLS) technology, the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix provides a low latency communications platform that allows an operator to listen across multiple security domains, while talking to only one at a time, all using a single headset. The headset features binaural fading, allowing the operator to separate audio feeds and providing a better listening experience.

The Eclipse Matrix is a powerful and highly scalable communications platform that supports a wide variety of connection types across a range of endpoints and interfaces, including beltpacks, high-density key panels, user stations, virtual clients, SIP and more. Eclipse can be configured to support a range of analog and IP connectivity options, including SIP, Dante, AES67, and others, as well as offersing seamless interfacing to third-party devices including two-way radios, VoIP phones, and more.

Learn more about Eclipse HX

Trilogy Mercury

Trilogy Mercury Systems offer the highest density radio and VoIP/SIP interoperability in a decentralized, peer-to-peer communications architecture. The architecture of the Mercury system ensures there is no single point of failure, an essential feature for many Secure Communications applications. Featuring an all-in-one, consolidated operator station, Mercury delivers a unique solution for specific applications within Secure Communications.

Learn more about Trilogy Mercury

FreeSpeak Edge Digital Wireless

FreeSpeak Edge digital wireless system offers high-quality audio transmission in an easy-to-deploy package for stand-alone operation or integration with other communications systems. FreeSpeak Edge operates in the 5 GHz wireless band, and allows for frequency coordination to avoid interference. The additional security of bi-directional AES256 encryption ensures robust and secure audio performance, and the ability to pre-configure the system ensures smooth deployment.

The eight-channel, ergonomically designed FreeSpeak Edge beltpack has a long battery life, and can even be powered by a USB pack for on-the-go charging. FreeSpeak Edge’s high levels of intelligibility and clarity of audio ensure that every message is heard clearly, and allows operators to use the system for long periods of time with less fatigue. A wide variety of headset options offer comfort, durability, and performance for various applications.

Learn more about FreeSpeak Edge

Low Cross-talk Headset

Clear-Com’s patented low cross-talk headset allows operator to listen to many audio feeds while maintaining a high degree of speech intelligibility, thanks to a sophisticated binaural fading feature. All of Clear-Com’s headsets are designed for comfort, reliability, and ruggedness, delivering high-quality audio in an ergonomic form factor. Read more about headset options in the “Guide to Choosing a Headset for Intercom” document.


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