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Products for Medical

Clear-Com’s IP-based, full-duplex communications solutions deliver the reliability, security  and flexibility required for medical applications, including unique environments such as Hyperbaric Chambers and Cath Labs. The hands-free operation of the DX410 wireless system helps to maintain hygienic conditions, and FreeSpeak II’s digital wireless system offers the most comprehensive wireless options. Users who don’t need to roam are easily and cost-effectively served by Clear-Com’s Encore partyline system, which offers a wide variety of fixed or wired endpoints.

Arcadia for Medical

Arcadia® Central Station is a scalable IP intercom platform integrating both wired and wireless capability. The flexibility and scale make Arcadia a great fit for medical and healthcare use. A single 1RU box can connect administrative desks or examination/surgical rooms with wired speaker/mic boxes for individuals who are in stationary positions. Or provide beltpack and headset communications for anyone who needs full mobility around a hospital or large medical department. As the need for greater capacity grows or a new feature is needed, field deployable Licensed Port Upgrades can be used to increase Arcadia’s intercom footprint up to 180 communication endpoints.

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FreeSpeak II Digital Wireless
(1.9 GHz | 2.4 GHz)

FreeSpeak II has optional beltpacks for both 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz systems (FSII-BP19-O2, FSII-BP24-O2) that are specifically designed to work in Oxygen Therapy or Hyperbaric Chambers or other high-pressure environments, operating at atmospheric pressures of 5.1 atm, 517 kPa, or 75 psi with a change of +/- 26 psi per minute without damage.

FreeSpeak II is a distributed wireless solution offering high-performance and designed for extensive communication in large-scale operations. Its ability to maintain a strong and continuous wireless connection across expansive coverage areas makes FreeSpeak II the ideal roaming solution.

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DX410 Digital Wireless
(2.4 GHz)

With the All-In-One Headset, the DX410 system allows hands-free communications between doctor and medical transcriptionist during operations, and other applications where handsfree operation is critical.

The DX410 system provides reliable high definition 7 kHz wireless audio experience combined with incredible value. This system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversations over license-free 2.4 GHz frequency band.

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Encore Analog Partyline

Encore provides a cost-effective solution for fixed user stations, with a wide variety of form factors to choose from. When connected to a wireless system, the MS-702 Main Station can create a large partyline for both personnel in and out of the medical lab.

Encore Analog Partyline is a very reliable, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use wired system that provides simple and instant access to team and staff members. This full-duplex platform allows users on the same channel to carry out conversational-style communication without concerns of quality or connection. With a consistent audio level that does not fluctuate, users can hear specific details while using the system.

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EQUIP Digital Wireless
(5 GHz)

The EQUIP wireless intercom system provides exceptional audio quality and range even in challenging RF environments. The hands-free headset has no cabling and doesn’t require workers to stop what they are doing to press a button to communicate. Additionally, full duplex communication allows simultaneous two-way communication, so workers don’t have to take turns speaking.

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