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Take Your Operations to the Next Level

The Right Communication System Drives Efficiency

Effective communication is at the core of a productive business. Communication plays a key role in managing employee safety, reducing downtime, or locating specific individuals or resources. Any combination of these issues can create inefficiencies that cost time and money.

This drives the requirement to have a robust communication solution to ensure productive and profitable operations. Clear-Com makes it easy for industrial applications to manage their operations by providing a hands-free communication system that keeps workers aware of relevant situations and details – all in real time.

The EQUIP wireless intercom system provides exceptional audio quality and range even in challenging RF environments. The hands-free headset has no cabling and does not require workers to stop what they are doing to press a button to communicate. In many situations, workers cannot take their hands away from their tasks, making radios less effective. Additionally, full duplex communication allows simultaneous two-way communication, so workers don’t have to take turns speaking.

EQUIP Benefits

Up to 40 wireless headsets can be supported by transceivers placed wherever wireless coverage is needed.
Headsets are easily paired to the system using NFC communication and have voice alerts with status details.
Provides two channels of full-duplex audio communication
Simple touchscreen menu for set-up configuration and monitoring.
No need to stop what users are doing to press a button and communicate because the headset has no cabling making it completely hands-free.


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