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Laser Lab with Digital Partyline and Wireless


Safety is a primary factor in any laboratory environment. In a laser laboratory, the high levels of electricity required to run the laser in addition to the laser shot itself drive staff to be cognizant of all activity during experimentation. Team communication is an absolute requirement so all members know when and where a shot will occur.


How it Works

In this case, equipment is mirrored in both laboratories – a network switch joins the two with 3-channels being common. The shot director is positioned at a HelixNet main station and communicates to stationary positions on beltpacks or group positions on a call box. An LQ-R device connects the HelixNet system to a FreeSpeak II system for mobile team members. Direction can be taken from either lab for coordinating a laser shot.



Featured Products used in this Application:

*HMS-4X is a legacy product starting 2022. The Arcadia® Central Station can be used in place of the HMS-4X.