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Civic Center - LQ Extends Encore to FreeSpeak II and Agent-IC


In many facilities, an existing analog partyline system can be extended to use new digital and wireless technologies. The Version 4 release for LQ Series can breathe new life into existing analog systems.


How it Works

The Version 4 release for LQ Series adds wireless and mobile functionality to a system. Analog partyline systems, like Encore, can connect directly to the LQ or LQ-R device, then through IP connect to FreeSpeak II. The added benefit is the Agent-IC connections (up to 8 licenses) - this can help a beltpack connect to a wireless mobile user located anywhere in the world.


Application Notes

The LQ internet interface connects analog partyline systems to IP ready solutions like wireless solutions like FreeSpeak II. The additions of Agent-IC greatly extend the value and capabilities of any analog partyline offering.



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