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HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X): End-of-Production

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During the 10 years since its public rollout at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, HelixNet with the HMS-4X Main Station, has introduced various innovations for our industry. A simple beltpack system with multiple digital partylines and program audio on a single XLR with passive cablingScalable decentralized mixing for elastic system deploymentConfiguration control available centrally or locallyThe addition of easy-to-use ethernet networkingVarious easy-to-use intercom user station ...

Intercom Plan C: Backing up the Back-up

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Making the Case for Two-Step Intercom Redundancy in Broadcast and Media Production With the complexity of live broadcast and production environments today, especially those utilizing hybrid and remote workflows in the wake of the pandemic, the success of full-duplex wireless and wired intercom systems is more important than ever.  If the primary IP or power connection goes out, so does everything connected to them – rendering potential catastrophe on a broadcast or live production ...

Intercom Design Guide (eBook)

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Intercoms are used in many different facilities across a wide range of markets, yet they undergo a common design methodology based on a very simple workflow criteria. The design of an intercom system, like the design of any key system, must begin with the definition of the individual system's requirements - including operations, environmental, and budgetary considerations. This e-book will guide you towards conceiving, planning and ultimately designing an intercom system. It includes our ...