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Video Production of Medical Courses with Wireless and Partyline


Students learning medical procedures can’t all be in the operating room with the lead doctor. A video feed is carried to classrooms where intercom allows two-way communication between students and doctors.


How it Works

The Director communicates to cameramen with 2-wire beltpacks. He/She also converses with a remote studio using an IP connection. The same IP connection is used for duplex communication between students (speaker stations) and doctors (all-in-one wireless headsets).


Application Notes

The Director uses an Encore Analog Partyline main station to listen/speak to all endpoints. Doctors on a wireless DX410 system talk/listen to students over an IP link provided by LQ Series rack and throw-down boxes. The studio also leverages the IP link for in-system communications using Encore beltpacks and headsets.



Featured Products used in this Application: