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LQ Series v4 Multi-site Partyline


Multiple LQ devices can connect endpoints at different locations to form a single intercom system. Adding Agent-IC and SIP Contributing roles expands the systems regional capabilities.


How it Works

An existing 4-channel system with multiple beltpacks, speaker and remote stations can connect to SIP, Agent-IC and small PL systems in regional locales. The MS-704 connects to an LQ-R2W4 using 2-wire cabling. The LQ is in-turn connected to an IP network switch. The LQ is configured using the browser-based Core Configuration Manager (CCM). Within the CCM, Agent-IC and SIP licenses are configured and any channel management is completed. Once the intercom has an IP interface, an Agent-IC app can be used via WiFi or cellular networks and SIP is managed on a laptop through an IP PBX. In addition, the LQ provides enough Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), to run 1-2 beltpacks.



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