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Global Rental Group (GRG) - Small


The LQ Series of IP interfaces are the ultimate translation tool when it comes to unraveling the many languages of intercom. The 2-wire, 4-wire and GPIO ports allow the input of all types of audio sources which are converted to a digital format to be sent over IP. In this example, a Clear-Com Global Rental Partner with multiple LQ-R devices functions as a central hub for audio to run between sources and recipients. The LQ system supports the Agent-IC intercom application which allows any user with a mobile device to listen in, direct or contribute to a given production.


Application Notes

The LQ interface allows audio inputs from third-party intercom systems, SIP phone systems, analog and digital sources, two-way radio systems and more. This agnostic ability allows the system to support a wide range of users over a large region. The Clear-Com Rental Partner, who owns several LQ devices, allows end users to "rent" the device itself along with any SIP or Agent-IC licenses which are deployed to the field. The Partner configures and manages the necessary channels and roles for the program and the end user is ready for production.



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