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First Responder Radio Interoperability


Two-way radios work on a myriad of frequencies which lead public safety agencies to choose whatever originally worked for them. While First Responders should have access to state of the art communications, budget shortfalls or other purchase decisions have left many departments with older equipment that may not allow simple cross department communication. To save lives, First Responders handling a major crisis must be able to communicate to one another regardless of the agency they reside in.


How it Works

The CG-X4 is an 8-port Clear-Com Gateway device that enables radio bridging, radio interfacing, and IP interfacing in a simple modular design. The CG-X4 can support 4 modules (8-ports) in a small form factor where each module can be configured for 4-wire connectivity (intercom, radio and audio sources), VoIP connectivity (SIP and RoIP), or digital radio connectivity. In the diagram, the CG-X4 connects Police and Fire Responders to an Eclipse HX-Delta matrix frame. The Delta then ties dispatchers, federal, state or local management personnel, and even the media together in one communication system.



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