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Large Church Communications


The Sunday Service at a large church is basically a live show with a significant amount of moving parts. The production team has to manage multiple pastors and speakers, singers, band members, mobile mics in the crowd and more. Allowing the production staff to move freely around different areas of the church while still in communication with the rest of the team provides a seamless and smooth live delivery. The flexibility of the Arcadia Central Station provides the team with a single 1RU device that powers multiple FreeSpeak frequency bands. The 2-wire connection points give new life to legacy analog systems like Encore.


Application Notes

The Church’s control room houses the Arcadia Central Station along with Encore Main Stations for high level production staff along with FreeSpeak Edge beltpacks. At front of house, FreeSpeak II beltpacks are used for administration and management as they meet and usher attendees into the church. FreeSpeak Edge beltpacks are deployed in the main sanctuary to take advantage of the reflective surfaces of the decorated ceiling and walls. The Edge system relies on reflection to help propagate the audio signal in large, enclosed environments.



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