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Gen-IC is a Cloud Managed Virtual Intercom service enabling real-time partyline workflows without the need for intercom hardware. 
Simple to deploy, configure and manage, Gen-IC is scalable for both small and large teams while also providing a wide range of connectivity to existing on-site intercom systems.

Gen-IC is securely available worldwide over the public internet and cellular networks and backed by Clear-Com’s pioneering experience and customer support.

Gen-IC: Virtual Intercom


12 or 24 Channels
8 to 384 Virtual Clients
Up to 6 Linked Gen-IC /LQ
Up to 80 Interface Ports


Familiar Agent-IC and Station-IC Virtual Clients optionally interfaced with versatile LQ Interfaces, configured with CCM


Flexible duration, user capacity, features and regions without hardware or networking.
Intercom anywhere


Effortlessly and securely managed SkyPort workspaces for Gen-IC administrators and end-users

Gen-IC: Your Intercom Everywhere

Gen-IC is developed on cutting edge cloud technologies to provide you with a simple and effective real-time intercom solution. Gen-IC can provide temporary communication needs for simple content creation or live production with no need for dedicated hardware. It can also provide a high capacity of virtual clients for existing intercom hardware solutions.

Powered by I.V. Core Technology

Clear-Com’s patented I.V. Core Instant Voice IP technology is tried, tested and uniquely suitable to provide cloud intercom. The technology provides the stability of central management, coupled with the scalability and cost effectiveness of decentralized intercom mixing. The mixing burden is quickly handled by the endpoint device at its existing locale.

Practical, Performance & Support

Linking Gen-IC allows for flexible system deployments by merging the capacity associated with multiple Gen-IC instances for short-term operational elasticity, one-off or extended events.

Gen-IC can be deployed in any of six datacenters around the world for high quality of service and latency comparable with hardware systems. It provides virtual intercom with high availability and security, without hardware, networking, or capital expenditure. Linked worldwide, Gen-IC can provide premium local, low-latency performance.

SkyPort Administration

The SkyPort Administration Portal’s Workspaces enables self-serviced administration of Gen-IC subscriptions – permanently or temporarily – in addition to the distribution of Virtual Clients and their credentials to the intercom system’s end-users.

Easily available worldwide, as-needed, when-needed, without mandatory hardware or networking!

Gen-IC Trial
Now Available

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How to Purchase

Gen-IC subscriptions will be available from your local Clear-Com partner. Once purchased, your partner will grant you access to SkyPort, where you can configure, manage and monitor your Gen-IC subscriptions and users.

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