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Intercom Design Guide (eBook)

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Intercoms are used in many different facilities across a wide range of markets, yet they undergo a common design methodology based on a very simple workflow criteria. The design of an intercom system, like the design of any key system, must begin with the definition of the individual system's requirements - including operations, environmental, and budgetary considerations. This e-book will guide you towards conceiving, planning and ultimately designing an intercom system. It includes our ...

Starting an Intercom System Design

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Designing an intercom system can be challenging! That's why I wanted to write a guide to give people a step-by-step process that is both effective and straight-forward. It doesn't have to be complicated, I promise! Communication systems are often based on several design criteria that a designer may consider such as the technical ability of the user to use an intercom station, the frequency that an intercom may be used versus the cost for wiring a facility. Communications systems ...