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The PS-702 can supply up to 2 amps at 30 volts DC to two channels in a 1RU. This is sufficient to power up to 40 beltpacks,10 speaker stations, or 12 headset stations even under the most demanding conditions. Either channel is capable of supplying up to 1.2 amps. The full current capacity may be divided between the two channels.

Note: Access the Encore Power Supply Calculator to estimate power requirements for analog partyline systems.


  • Provides up to 2 amps at 30 Volts
  • Supports up to 40 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations, or 12 headset stations
  • Full current capacity can be divided between the two channels
  • Exclusive Intelligent Fault/Overload Sensing (IFOS) for system reset
  • A+B Link switch for single-channel operation
  • Built-in test tone generator for set up and diagnostics
  • UL listed and CE certified
  • Line and load regulated
  • Short-circuit protected

Item Code



Program Line Input

Maximum Level before Clipping: >= 20dBu

Input Impedance: >= 5K

Frequency Response
Program Input - Partyline: 200 - 20kHz ± 3dB
Max Distortion
Program Input - Partyline: <= 0.2%
Program Mic Input - Partyline: < -70dBu
Max Gain
Program Input - Partyline: >= -16dB
Min Gain
Program Input - Partyline: <= -20dB
Mains Power

Input Voltage Range: 100 - 240V AC

Input Frequency Range: 50 - 60Hz

Input Power: <= 60V AC

Output Voltage: 30V DC ± 0.5V

Output Current per Channel (Continuous): 1.2A

Output Current per Channel (Peak): 2A (Do not exceed the 1.2A rating for more than 2 seconds per 1 minute period)

Short Circuit Recovery Time (1st short):<= 0.5 sec

Short Circuit Recovery Time: >= 20 shorts in 20sec) <= 20 sec

32° - 122°F (0° - 50°C)

1.75 x 19 x 7.5in (HxWxD)

(44 x 483 x 190mm)

6.16lbs (2.80kg)


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