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See the Mentor CX as a replacement for the Mastermind unit.


  • Signal Detection and Changeover
  • Provides auto changeover in the event of a system failure
  • Fully scalable design
  • 3 channel relay card auto-switches auxiliary signals to better balance resource usage
  • Manual and automatic detection
  • Changeover action indicator with internal buzzer
  • Black Burst inputs for monitoring sync and burst levels
  • Option boards for BB, SD/HD, TLS, AES, LTC and audio signals as required

*Replaced by Mentor CX  

Item Code

MasterMind Changeover Base System 330-00-07

Black/Burst Monitor & Changeover Card 330-12-00

AES Audio Monitor & Changeover Card 330-09-00

SD-SDI and SD-HDI Monitor & Changeover Card 330-11-00

Tri-level sync Monitor & Changeover Card 330-12-01

LTC Monitor & Changeover Card 330-09-01

Triple Relay Changeover Card 330-07-00

Balanced Relay Changeover Card 330-08-00


Nominal 90-260 VAC. 47-63Hz 40 VA fully equipped IEC mains connector with retainer
Dimensions (WxDxH)
483mm x 435mm x 44mm
5.5kg Max


Mentor RG

The Mentor RG is a 1RU signal sync, test and clock generator for SDI and IP-based mixed environments. It provides IEEE-1588 PTP references alongside more traditional Black Burst and Tri-Level sync signals. The signal reference generator references a GPS antenna system to establish timecode, which is then passed on to the mission-critical automation system. Two Mentor RG generators and a changeover are used for redundancy to assure accurate reference signals. Utilizing GPS provides an extremely stable and robust method for accurately locking multiple SPGs and also for governing the unit’s LTC, VITC and NTP outputs. Accurate GPS referencing is managed by the Mentor RG internal receiver module, or by locking to an external source of 1pps and NMEA serial data. All SD and HD reference and test signals are generated simultaneously for both 525 and 625 standards, with independent timing control for all outputs to meet the most demanding requirements. The Mentor RG pays special attention to multiple audio generators assignable for AES audio and DARS; embedded audio in the SD/HD channels; Wordclock; and Analog stereo audio. Up to ten Tri-Level Sync outputs for all 720 and 1080 standards. Two TLS outputs come as standard in the base unit and two option cards can bring this to ten. Tri-level sync is the analog video sync pulse which is typically used for the locking of HD video signals and preferred in HD environments over black and burst. Intuitive front panel controls allow immediate access to all important settings while Vector Editor software offers in-depth management of all parameters from any network connected location in your organization.  

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