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The KB-701 remote speaker station connects to a single channel of partyline intercom, and operates in half-duplex mode, similar to a walkie-talkie. It features both an integral speaker and a flush-mount electret microphone with mic limiter and a push-to-talk button.

Note: Access the Encore Power Supply Calculator to estimate power requirements for analog partyline systems.


  • Half-duplex, push-to-talk functionality
  • Four modes of operation that are internally programmable
  • Microprocessor controlled logic and switching
  • Balanced local program input with separate level control
  • Visual and audible call signaling
  • Optional 4-wire daughter board for flexibility
  • Wall or console mountable, or optional V-Box for portable or desktop use
  • Built-in speaker

Item Code



Program Line Input

Maximum Level before Clipping: >= 20dBu

Input Impedance: >= 5K

Speaker Output

Load Impedance: >= 4

Max Output Level before 1% Distortion: 20dBu ± 2dBu

Partyline Output

O Noise: < -74dBu

Output Impedance: >10K

Partyline Input

Crosstalk: < -60dB

Max level before Clipping: >= 12dBu

Frequency Response

Program Input - Speaker Out: 200 - 18kHz ± 3dB

Partyline- Speaker Out: 200 - 18kHz ± 3dB

Max Distortion

Program Input - Speaker Out: <= 0.5%

Partyline- Speaker Out: <= 0.5%


Program Input - Speaker Out: < -60dBu

Partyline- Speaker Out: < -50dBu

Max Gain
Program Input - Speaker Out: >= 24dB
Partyline- Speaker Out: >= 40dB

Input Voltage Range: 20-30V DC

Input Current (Idle): <= 90mA

Input Current (Max): <=110mA

Internal Connectors and Jumpers

Intercom: Line Five terminal connector

Program Input: Three terminal connector

Option Switches: Three DIP switches

32 - 122o F (0 - 50o C)

4.5 x 8.5 x 1.75in (HxWxD)

(114 x 210 x 44mm)

1.04lbs (0.47kg)

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