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HCI Host Control Interface

Eclipse HX Host Control Interface (HCI) is an open API protocol, which allows a third-party computer or automation system to control an Eclipse HX matrix. The HCI protocol is platform agnostic allowing applications to be developed in a wide variety of programming languages (C#, C, Python) and on a range of operating systems (Linux, MS Window, iOS).


  • Mature and feature rich open API protocol
  • HCI Drivers available from popular Automation and Broadcast Control Systems (BCS)
  • Integration with AV Management & Control Systems
  • Rich feature set and UI control enable hybrid control systems
  • Intercom panel keysets (control surface) can be utilized under direct control of the 3rd party Host PC to control other devices by acting a control panel
  • Poll the system for status messages/events to create custom monitoring dashboards
  • Developers can use their preferred tools and platform to create their own bespoke applications
  • Custom integration project support unlimited use caseses

Item Code

HCI-E-HX: EHX License-HCI, (1) matrix

HCI-LIVE-HX: EHX License-HCI Live, (1) matrix

HCI-E-SITE-HX: EHX License-HCI, site license for full automation API on 2-10 Matrix linked system

SVC-REM6-AE: Service-3 sessions (2-hours) of remote PC-based assistance



  • The host may assign new sources, destinations to IFBs
  • The host may change the interrupt (dim level) of an IFB
  • The host may change the priority level of any talker on the IFB

The matrix automatically sends a message indicating when an IFB has been changed or when somebody is talking over an IFB.


System Messages

  • The matrix can produce textual diagnostic & status messages
  • The Host may request system status messages to be sent
  • The Host may request the CPU firmware version
  • The Host may remotely reset the matrix

The matrix automatically sends a message indicating when an IFB has been changed or when somebody is talking over an IFB.


Trunk Lines

  • The host may request for a trunk route to be made between two networked matrices
  • The host would specify the local panel and also the remote matrix and panel or 4-wire that it wishes to make a route to

The matrix automatically sends a message indicating indicating when a trunk call has been made.


HCI Customers Receive

  • Reference manual
  • A diskette of C++ library commands
  • NetSim (an Engineering test tool for exercising the matrix system using HCI)
  • Technical support (either one day at the factory with an engineer or 8 hours telephone support)


The Host may request for crosspoints to be made or unmade (deleted), or for crosspoints to be inhibited. The Host may also request the status of a particular crosspoint (a list of panels and 4-wires that are talking or listening to that port). The Host can adjust the crosspoint levels between ports, in addition to adjusting the global input / output gain of a port.


Control Action

(Virtual Key) The Host may request for a control action (virtual GPI or GPO) to be turned ON or OFF. The Host can also request for status of a control.



The Host may request for 4-wires to be added to or deleted from a partyline as a talker or a listener. The Host may request for the status of a partyline (a list of panels and 4-wires that are members of that partyline). The matrix automatically sends a message when a panel or 4-wire joins or leaves a conference. The matrix can list all the members of a conference in terms of talkers and listeners.



The Host can assign keys onto panels (or beltpacks), as well as overwrite the EHX default label with a new Alias name.


Operating Systems

Windows 10 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2016


8GB for standard systems 16MB for large networked systems, servers, and heavily used Dynam-EC clients


Intel i7 10th generation or equivalent


Dedicated GPU for large network systems

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