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Clear-Com EMEA Sales Director Accepts New Leadership Roles Within Rise Organization



Rise - A Group for Women in Broadcast
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Clear-Com's EMEA Sales Director, Nicki Fisher, has gladly accepted an invitation to be the new Chair of the Board for Rise, a non-profit organization that supports women in the media and entertainment technology sector. She will also hold a dual role within Rise as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Ambassador in UK-based Schools.

Rise is an advocacy membership group that aims to support women of all backgrounds working in the global broadcast technology sector. Its mission is to ensure a diverse, gender-balanced workforce across engineering, technical operations, sales, marketing and business roles.

As Chair of the Board, Nicki will be involved in the decision-making processes that go into program development, including networking events, seminars, the annual mentoring program, as well as overseeing the global advisory boards and business functions of the group.A critical initiative from Rise, Rise Up, is an outreach program in UK schools to inspire and educate children about the various career opportunities in broadcast. As a STEM Ambassador, Nicki will promote Rise Up and the diversity of roles available in the broadcast technology and media sectors through regular presentations and career networking sessions.

In early 2019, Rise Up introduced a series of workshops designed to give students hands-on experience with broadcast technologies while working alongside industry professionals.

As a Rise mentor and board member at that time, Nicki took steps to involve Clear-Com in this program and was overjoyed with its success.“I’ve experienced firsthand what students can gain from the program and how workshops like these can impact young people deciding on a career path,” she commented.

You can read more about Clear-Com’s experience with the Rise Up workshops, here.

“I was delighted by Rise’s request to become more involved with the next phase of Rises’ development. They have a truly unique vision, and I can honestly say that nothing like this existed until Rise put themselves on the map.”

Nicki Fisher has been a Sales Director for EMEA at Clear-Com for almost seven years and has 30 years of industry experience working in sales. During her time at Clear-Com, she has been an active member of the IABM board and supervisory group as a key representative for Manufacturers in the broadcast Industry. She has been involved in Rise since the beginning and has supported three consecutive mentorship programs.

Carrie Wootten, Managing Director for Rise, concludes, “Rise has continued to grow over the three years since its inception and our communities of board members, volunteers, mentees, mentors and award winners are significantly increasing in number and becoming more global. Therefore, the organization needs a strong steer of someone with business, association, industry and diversity knowledge and expertise, and Nicki was our ideal candidate to fill this role. We are thrilled that she’s embraced the invitation to join us in a larger capacity.”