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Wired Communications

For utmost dependability, wired intercom systems are the most common type of systems deployed across facilities. Wired systems are made up of a central system with end points connected over varying types of cable. Depending on the system, 2-wire, 4-wire, Optical fiber and Category 5 or 6 cables can be used to tie components of a system together and to link multiple systems. Wired systems can securely connect to other Clear-Com or third-party communications system located anywhere in the world over standard IP networks.


The selection criteria of a wired system are often based on a combination of decision considerations; system requirements, workflow, location of users, number of user end points, number of separate talk channels, and budget.


Clear-Com offers a wide range of wired communication options that can be classified into two groups – Unmanaged Systems and Managed Systems.

Managed Systems

Managed Systems are ideal for slightly larger deployments that require a high degree of flexibility and programmability for controlling complex audio flow within the system. All setup for the connected systems and end-point devices such as audio routes, user member grouping, volume levels, user labeling, etc. are managed in the configuration software that comes with the system.