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IP Communications

Clear-Com’s suite of IP offerings enables enterprise-wide communications, remote intercom access, and connectivity to industry-standard intercom and audio devices over LAN, WAN or IP networks. All Clear-Com IP solutions are designed and based on a unique Intercom-over-IP platform, which delivers low latency communications and superb audio quality through the use of a wideband proprietary codec.


The advantages of IP based intercom are significant. Because many contemporary sites are already wired with network ready CAT5e/6 cabling, Clear-Com IP intercom systems can be added without major infrastructure updates. With the additional explosion of internet ready products, internet access is becoming readily available and ubiquitous via hardwire, Wi-Fi and cellular signal. This provides a proven pathway to have a secure intercom signal carried to virtually any location.


The distribution of digital audio across an IP network, such as the Internet, is being used increasingly to provide high-quality audio feeds over long distances.


Push-to-Talk handsets and other two-way communication systems are commonly used in Marine and Offshore environments because they are convenient and easy to use. However, these systems can be limiting because they are stand-alone and unable to communicate or expand to other areas of the vessel or crew member groups when needed. Clear-Com has a variety of ways to interface radios to provide bridging between radios and seamless interfacing to intercom systems facilitating one-to-many or full-duplex conferences to maintain continuous conversations on one or more lines. Now, anyone can join the conversation.