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Clear-Com Technology Milestones


1972 Clear-Com’s first analog partyline was available to the market.  

1981 Clear-Com debuted the first SB8 switchboard.

1992 Matrix I was first introduced to the market.

1996 Clear-Com Vega received the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for the development in Broadcast wireless microphone.    

2004 Eclipse v1.0 was released. 

2007 Clear-Com unveiled its line of 30+ Encore analog partyline systems.

2009 Tempest wireless intercom was launched and I.V.Core Intercom-over-IP technology was developed.

2011 Clear-Com won the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for invention of the distributed wired beltpack.

2012 Clear-Com released HelixNet Partyline, the first digital partyline system, on the HelixNet networked intercom platform.