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FreeSpeak Edge Base – Nuclear Plant Management


For obvious reasons, managing a nuclear power plant can be a dangerous business. But with high quality communications, risk can be mitigated, and teams can carry out operations safely. There are several key areas associated with a power plant: the nuclear containment chamber, the steam turbine facility, and the cooling tower/system. Each area is incredibly important, but the teams managing the daily fission process and the annual step-by-step procedure of changing fuel rods within the chamber is most acute.

Team member communication between the control room, airlock and containment chamber is a requirement to having a safe, successful transfer. Constant status updates are delivered to keep the entire team abreast of what procedural stage they are in. This continual communication keeps the workers calm and allows them to focus on each task for a seamless fuel exchange. If an incident were to occur, all workers would simultaneously be notified to begin an emergency process based on details communicated from the control room.


Application Notes

The FreeSpeak Edge Base Station is housed in the control room of a nuclear energy plant. Members of the support team use FreeSpeak II beltpacks connecting to transceivers on the outside of the containment chamber giving them the freedom to move around while still staying connected to other workers. On the inside of the chamber, 5GHz FreeSpeak Edge transceivers deliver their audio signal to beltpacks directly or via reflection from chamber walls or the domed ceiling. Radios, and even Dante PA speakers can be added to the system to keep all workers in contact and safe in the facility.



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