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HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X): End-of-Production


During the 10 years since its public rollout at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, HelixNet with the HMS-4X Main Station, has introduced various innovations for our industry.

  • A simple beltpack system with multiple digital partylines and program audio on a single XLR with passive cabling
  • Scalable decentralized mixing for elastic system deployment
  • Configuration control available centrally or locally
  • The addition of easy-to-use ethernet networking
  • Various easy-to-use intercom user station options that can be added without pre-configuration or system change
  • Linking HelixNet and LQ Series for increased capabilities, Agent-IC, SIP and IVC connectivity to Eclipse
  • Development of the CCM Core Configuration Manager for quick and easy browser interface

HelixNet HMS-4X has changed how intercom is deployed in various markets by giving users simple and easy-to-use capabilities in features and infrastructure utilization. Capabilities that were previously only at the disposal of permanent installations with dedicated technicians. These philosophies have since been carried onwards to our FreeSpeak wireless intercom system and now with Arcadia which elegantly joins together FreeSpeak wireless and HelixNet wired intercom in a scalable platform along with a wide variety of analog and Dante interfacing.

Due to various component obsolescence, part shortages and upcoming regulatory changes, we are announcing the end of production for the HMS-4X. HelixNet support will be maintained using the Arcadia platform. This decision does not come easy yet is one that is forced upon us. We do understand that this will impact some of our mutual business. Please reach out to Clear-Com Sales and Product Management and we will do our best to address issues and concerns.

We celebrate and reflect on what has been accomplished with the HMS-4X over the last 10 years and look with excitement towards the next 10 years of continued development and innovation.

Arcadia with HelixNet Integration

With the End-of-Production announcement for the HMS-4X, we have introduced a 16-port version of the Arcadia Central Station. This 16-port version is an entry-level Arcadia that is ideal for users that need a small number of wireless beltpacks, Dante interfaces and HelixNet user stations with the ability to grow to add more over time. Using Arcadia's Licensed Ports up to 24 of Arcadia's partyline channels can be HelixNet enabled (1 Licensed Port required per HelixNet enabled channel). HelixNet enabled channels can then be accessed by up to 64 HelixNet user stations, such as the HXII-BP beltpack, the HRM-4X remote station and the HKB-2X speaker station.

To learn more about Arcadia, please visit our Arcadia Overview page.