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Easy and intuitive configuration tools for administrators and operators of Trilogy Gemini systems.

Why Choose Trilogy Gemini?

Highly Scalable

Scale the Gemini matrix intercom system to 64 channels of Digital Signal Process (DSP)-based IP communications support, up to 12 camera channels and an enhanced front panel with alarm features. The Gemini system offers 8 to 32 local ports for panels, analog and digital audio interfaces, and telephony within a single 2RU matrix. Gemini can be expanded to 8 matrices with 256 ports via the dual redundant ring connectivity that provides program quality performance for hundreds of simultaneous conversations with near-zero latency and digital audio network (High Speed Link – HSL).

Flexible Interface Options

Select from a range of interface boards and conventional control panels over CAT5, analog 4-wire audio equipment, analog telephone lines, AES/MADI streams or IP-enabled panels. The optional IP capability allows up to 64 channels of voice to be carried over any standard IP network to other Trilogy matrices. It also carries all inter-matrix messaging and system configuration data. Gemini’s GPI capability allows external control access to an extensive array of audio routing and logic functions.

Gateway Configuration Editor

Gemini system configuration is performed using Trilogy’s Gateway software which provides unrestricted ability for users to build, modify and save multiple databases to suit any operational requirement. Users can set any system parameter to suit their needs and preferences, from changing key assignments, to audio level adjustment, or extensive re-configuration of an entire network. Gateway’s Access Management facility offers role-based administration and security, providing selective control over individual Gemini matrices or the entire communication network. And a browser-based utility gives authorized users remote access to all engineering and maintenance functions.

Extensive Operator Devices

Compatible with the Gemini intercom system is an extensive range of versatile, high-quality operator panels that are highly flexible and intuitive. With choices including dual-action lever key, touchscreen and virtual panels, these control panels are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding standards of production users and assure reliability, flexibility of operation and ease of use.

System Diagram

Gemini features comprehensive integrated IP capabilities together with interfaces to 4-wire circuits, telephony, AES/MADI, IP panels and SIP for analog or IP based solutions. Gemini supports a range of panels including desktop and rack mount lever keypanels, touchscreen button panels, and Virtual panels for smartphones and tablets.

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