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Why Choose Industrial Intercom?

Intuitive Operation

No learning curve necessary for even the novice user. Simple 12 assignable call buttons, a loud alert buzzer and a rotary knob for controlling volume and menu navigation.

Ease to Configure

Just install and let the entire system be auto-discovered within the network. No more lengthy cable searches or detections necessary.

Clear, Intelligible Digital Audio

Enjoy the legendary “Clear-Com Sound”, the highly intelligible audio quality that is only featured in Clear-Com intercom systems. No Hum. No Buzz. The all-digital system is immune to electro-magnetic interference and ground loops, reducing ear fatigue after extensive use and eliminates trouble-shoot time.

System Diagram

Up to 64 user stations are controlled by a HelixNet Main Station (with HCS v2.1.0 software) using a browser-based Configuration Editor. The Main Station connects to the Industrial KB Stations over LAN and each Industrial KB Station is powered remotely using PoE (Power-over-Ethernet).

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