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All PG-INTERCOM devices allow seamless integration of intercom audio and control data from Clear-Com and RTS/Telex intercom panels, interfaces and matrices. The PG-INTERCOM devices are available in two different hardware configurations, RS422 for Clear-Com and RS485 for RTS/Telex. The PG4-INTERCOM devices offer four RJ-45 4-wire intercom ports while the PG8-INTERCOM devices offer eight RJ-45 4-wire intercom ports. The RJ45 ports are duplicated with reverse wiring so that half the ports are wired for connection to intercom panels or interfaces and half the ports are wired for connection to the intercom matrices.


  • Interfaces with Clear-Com and RTS/Telex intercom panels, interfaces and matrices
  • Available in two hardware configurations: RS422 for Clear-Com and RS485 for RTS/Telex
  • Offers eight RJ45 4-wire intercom ports
  • Dual power supplies with automatic switchover included
  • Features the Optocore™ Optical and SANE™ CAT5 Digital Network technologies
  • Duplicated 4-wire Intercom Port wiring with reversed I/O and Rx/Tx
  • 2 x 100 Mbit Ethernet ports
  • 4 x RS485 serial data connections
  • Word Clock input and output
  • 2 x optical LINK interface with duplex LC connectors
  • USB and RS232 ports for configuration and control

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Intercom Ports

Convention: EIA / TIA – 422 or EIA / TIA – 4850 

Hardware Standard: IC422/IC485; FCC-RJ45

Analog Line Input

Impedance: 10KΩ 

Maximum Input Level: +18dBu

SNR: 115dB (A-weighted)

THD+N a -1dBFS: >100dB

Analog Line Output

Impedance: 45Ω 

Maximum Output Level: +18dBu

SNR: 115dB (A-weighted)

THD+N @ -1dBFS: >98dB

SANE, LAN ports

Audio: TIA - 568A/B; Optocore 200 Mbit/s

LAN: TIA - 568A/B; IEEE - 802.3; 10/100 Mbit/s

Auxiliary Ports

Convention: EIA / TIA-485

Number of Data Channels: 4

Data Channel Type: Digital control data

Data Rate: Up to 10 Mbps


Termination: 330Ω 

Source:  = 10Ω 

Word Clock

Hardware standard: 75Ω / BNC

Data Rate: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz (Depending on used sample rate)

Impedance Input: 1k / 75Ω software switch

Impedance Output: 75Ω 

Optical Link

Input, Output, Dual: Full bandwidth

Connection: Duplex LC

Protocol: Optocore

Transmission: Full-duplex

Data Rate: 2 x 2Gbps

Optical Wave Guide Cable Lengths: Multi-mode fiber 50µm; = 700 m Single-mode fiber 9µm; 10km (70 km on request)

Power Supply

Number of Power Supplies: 2 (with function check and automatic switch-over)

Type: Switch-mode, universal input

Mains Voltage: 100 - 240V AC; 50 - 60Hz; 25VA-typ; 32VA-peak

Remote Control

RS232/Ethernet/USB Port: Interface to PC


19.2 x 1.73 x 7.87in (WxHxD)

(483 x 44 x 200mm)

6.0lbs (2.7kg)
Product Model Options




Connectivity Options
CC – Clear-Com four wire matrix ports with serial control 4 four wire Clear-Com matrix ports with line level and RS422 serial inputs and outputs for Clear-Com key panels, matrices and interfaces. 485 – RTS four wire intercom ports with serial control 4 four wire RTS matrix ports with line level and RS485 serial inputs and outputs for RTS key panels, matrices and interfaces. 444 – Line level inputs and outputs, GPIO and DC output 4 line level inputs and outputs with optically isolated general purpose inputs and relay switched general purpose outputs. Auxiliary DC outputs to power external circuits.
Network Options

FXS and FXM are available with these models. FX – The Optocore Fiber Network Module allows the converter to be used as a part of a 24 device ProGrid system.

• 4 Serial ports

• 2 LAN ports

• Sync

• 2 SANE/LAN ports

  • FXS – For use with Single mode fiber optic cables
  • FXM – For use with Multi-mode fiber optic cables


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