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Agent-IC Mobile App for Eclipse HX

Agent-IC® is a mobile app for Eclipse® HX matrix and LQ®  Series devices providing remote intercom access from tablets, smartphones or smartwatches over wireless networks.

TRY IT FIRST! Download the free App from Apple App Store or Google Playstore to test Agent-IC on your iOS or Android devices before you purchase.

iOS Devices:

Android Devices:

Note: Mobile and wearable devices are not included with Agent-IC client licenses. One or more unallocated client licenses is required.

New Release: Version 2.5 allows up to 24 keys on I-Pad devices with a screen size larger than 10" - these models are noted below:

  • iPad Pro (10.5 inch & 12.9 inch versions)
  • iPad Air  3rd Generation
  • iPad 7th Generation


  • Turns smartphone or tablet devices and select wearables into fully-featured mobile user panels
  • Connects over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and LTE networks
  • Up to 32 clients on a single IVC-32-HX interface card
  • Up to 64 clients on a single E-IPA-HX interface card
  • No external server required
  • Password controlled access to Eclipse HX system with secure audio encryption
  • Agent-IC licenses allocated on demand by matrix using a floating licensing scheme
  • Free app download via Apple iTunes or App Store for iOS devices or via Google Playstore for Android devices
  • Version 9.0 or higher for iOS; Version 7.1 or higher, including select wearables for Android

Item Code

Perpetual License AGENT-IC-HX: 1 user

AGENT-IC8-HX: 8 users

Permanent license for major version of Agent-IC

Subscription Initiation

A-IC-HX-1Y: 1 user for 1 year

A-IC-HX8-1Y: 8 users for 1 year

Subscription Extension

A-IC-HX-ADD1Y: 1 user for +1 year

A-IC-HX8-ADD1Y: 8 users for +1 year


Platforms Supported

iOS: Designed to operate on all smartphone and tablet devices

iOS Version: 9.0 or higher

EHX Version: 8.5 or higher

Android: Designed to operate on the latest smartphone and tablet devices. Download the free app from Google Playstore to test specific make and model.

Android Version: 7.1 or higher

EHX Version: 8.5 or higher

Keys Per Page

Auto-adjusts number of keys shown based on the specific device screen size and resolution.

Range: 4+ Reply Keys (smaller smartphones) to 23+ Reply Keys (iPad Pro)


Audio Codec: G.722 (7.4 K/Hz audio bandwidth)

Audio Encryption: AES-128

Local Mix Level Control: Yes

Mic Mute and LS Cut: Yes

Communication Modes: Partyline, Conference, Point-to-Point, IFB, ISO, etc.


Type: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE (as available on device)

IP Bandwidth: 140kb/s, bi-directional per client (with silence suppression disabled)

Silence Suppression: Optional

Ports Required: 1

Port Number: Default 6001 (configurable)

DNS Support: Yes

Minimum Latency: Varies depending on device make and model


Bluetooth Headset Support: Yes

Speakerphone Mode: Yes

Background Operation: Yes

Presence Indication: Yes, for other Agent-IC clients

Call Signaling: Yes

Reply Key Support International Character Set Arabic, Cyrillic, Hangeul, Hebrew, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana

Hardware Requirements Software Requirements
Eclipse HX System Frame: - Eclipse HX-Delta - Eclipse HX-Median - Eclipse HX-Omega EHX v8.5 or higher
IVC-32-HX Card EHX v8.5 or higher
iOS Device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, iWatch) iOS 9.0 or higher
Android Device (tablets, smartphones, smartwatch) Android 7.1 or higher

Download Agent-IC App from Apple Store

Download Agent-IC App from Google Store

Need to provide host Eclipse HX Dongle ID (Hardware ID) with order


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