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Clear-Com Connects the University Cultural Centre at National University of Singapore


FreeSpeak II and HelixNet complete state-of-the-art facility upgrade.

The University Cultural Centre (UCC) is the cultural heart of The National University of Singapore.  Since its opening 2000, the UCC has hosted political and cultural leaders, thought leaders and many well-known artistes and musicians. It is also key asset for NUS, both as the site for Commencement and large University events, and as a venue that connects students with the arts, facilitating the transformative learning process.

The UCC was formally reopened on March 22, 2018 after an extensive upgrading exercise that has created a more comfortable and versatile venue, which features a 1,700-seater Hall and a 425-seater Theatre. The upgrade ensures that the UCC is more operationally and environmentally efficient while continuing to meet the high standards required by the NUS, external and State functions. With the foreseeable increase in activities, programs and resources, the venue has upgraded its communication system and is now supported by Clear-Com®’s FreeSpeak II® Digital Wireless Intercom and HelixNet® Digital Network Partyline, the combination of which offers more flexibility to address their needs.

“The importance of a reliable and stable communications infrastructure for a performance venue cannot be emphasized enough,” explains Ms. Telly Hartanti, Senior Associate Director, NUS Centre for the Arts. “Our communications system needed a refresh so that we could ensure seamless operations for our increasingly complex technical needs.”

The new system will not only be connecting production teams to each other, but it will also connect various venue managers to the production team members. The added flexibility of FreeSpeak II’s multiple channels allows for the creation of separate communication groups, and HelixNet integration ensures quick setups, scalability, and intuitive workflows. “The system will be used by new hires and visiting production teams, so it was imperative to keep it user-friendly with a low learning curve.” Ms.  Hartanti said. “And the flyaway FreeSpeak kit is crucial when we need to quickly deploy comms for events which are held outside UCC.”

Although the new system has yet to be used due to the widespread postponement of live events, it will be used for all events hosted at the UCC, including University commencement ceremonies, the NUS Arts Festival and many more. “The UCC is essential in granting students access to the arts,” Hartanti concludes. “We hope that we can open our doors soon and introduce our completed venue.”

The system was facilitated by Singapore-based partner, Electronics & Engineering PTE LTD, a local technical service provider and distributor of professional AV solutions.