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Medcom - Panama Installs Clear-Com Matrix Intercom While Upgrading Main Site to HX Digital Platform


Eclipse’s IP capabilities easily connects new site to Main Production Center 15 miles away

Corporación Medcom Panamá (Medcom), an OTT/radio/TV broadcaster and cable TV company headquartered in Panama City, Panama, interconnects two broadcast facilities, seven production trucks, and a number of remote users on Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX digital matrix platform over IP connections. Communication is now seamless across the Panama City and beyond.
Medcom has installed a new Eclipse HX-Delta Matrix intercom system for use in their new ‘EMA’ remote production facility on one side of the Panama City, where the broadcaster is shooting reality TV shows. At the same time, Medcom upgraded its main production facility from an Eclipse Matrix to the new Eclipse-HX Matrix platform, which is 15 miles away from EMA. Now with an Eclipse HX system at each facility, Medcom can connect them over IP and enable all V-Series control keypanel users in both facilities to communicate as one seamless group--all made possible by the IVC-32 IP frame cards that reside in each Eclipse HX system. All of Medcom’s seven production trucks are also equipped with Clear-Com intercom systems.
“We wanted to provide fast, efficient communications between our main offices (where our Master Control facilities are located) and our EMA remote studio facility,” said Antonio Perez, Medcom’s Senior Operations and Project Manager. “Clear-Com has been our intercom provider for the last 20 years. We installed the Eclipse Matrix 12 years ago and we have continued to expand and upgrade it through the years.
“Enabling the two production sites to work together seamlessly was a big part of Medcom’s plan,” said Joquebed Colin Lugo, Regional Sales Manager for Latin America at Clear-Com. “Making this happen was an easy job thanks to the native IP technology built into Eclipse HX. Even across the city, their users experience good audio quality and unnoticeable communication delay.”
“It was easy to add more Clear-Com intercom capacity to our production
system,” added Perez. “Working with our local dealer, Bitcom, system integrator Solotech, and directly with Clear-Com, the installation was seamless and fast. We have been very satisfied with the results.”