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Indonesia's Indosiar TV Ends 2.4GHz Interference Issues by Upgrading to FreeSpeak II


National TV station deploys Clear-Com’s flagship 1.9 GHz wireless intercom system to end signal disruptions from prevalent 2.4 GHz devices

PT. Indosiar Visual Mandri (Indosiar TV), an Indonesian analog PAL TV station that broadcasts throughout the country on UHF, has resolved longstanding interference issues with its wireless intercom system by upgrading to Clear-Com’s® FreeSpeak II wireless intercoms. The new FreeSpeak II intercom system has been installed in Indosiar’s studio complex in Daan Magot, West Jakarta. Established in 1994, Indosiar TV is known for its popular lineup of children’s, cultural, entertainment, and sports programming. This national UHF TV channel also broadcasts in the digital DVB-T2 1080i format over the air, and via satellite on Palapa D.
“The FreeSpeak II’s ability to transmit in the 1.9 GHz band means that we no longer have to worry about interference from 2.4 GHz wireless microphones and in-ear monitors,” said Indosiar TV spokesperson Agapitus Kristanta. “In the past, operating in 2.4 GHz caused real problems for our legacy wireless intercom system. Although it worked reliably, interference issues have cropped up in recent years as other 2.4 GHz devices have been deployed at Indosiar TV; disrupting vital intercom communications during productions.”
With its support of digital intercom transmissions in both the 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II wireless intercom is resolving communications conflicts for producers who must use many wireless devices. These producers also like FreeSpeak II’s ability to expand its wireless coverage footprint by simply adding more antenna transceivers to the system’s coverage boundary.
Users like Indosiar TV also choose the FreeSpeak II intercom system for the small size, flexibility, and long-life of its wireless programmable beltpacks. “The beltpack’s built-in LED flashlight is very useful in dark areas, while the unit’s 18-hour battery life is great for a full day’s recording,” added Kristanta. “It allows our crews to keep going without having to replace or recharge the batteries during the production.”
All of these features made FreeSpeak II a natural choice for Indosiar TV, with this wireless intercom system demonstrating its usefulness in many programs. In particular, Indosiar TV is producing a live talent search variety show that requires fast, accurate communications between all of its crew members on the floor and in Master Control. The FreeSpeak II has proven to be the right solution for the job, allowing station staff to speak to each other at all times, no matter where they may be in the show’s production space.
“We are happy to have adopted the FreeSpeak II system throughout our studio complex in Daan Mogot,” Kristanta continued. “In fact, we have been working with Clear-Com intercoms for years, and we are very satisfied with their ruggedness and quality. Naturally it made sense to consider the FreeSpeak II system when it was introduced to us by our local Clear-Com equipment dealer PT. Afandi Chandraputra, who consistently provides us with excellent service and support. Having since installed the FreeSpeak II, we are certain we made the right decision for many years to come.”
“Clear-Com is very happy to help a long-time customer like Indosiar TV get even more out of their intercom systems, by upgrading to FreeSpeak II,” said Hans Chia, Clear-Com’s Regional Sales Manager for Southeast Asia. “We also appreciate Indosiar TV’s long-standing loyalty and belief in us, and our solutions.”