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Clear-Com’s Agent-IC Mobile Intercom App Enables Flexible Workflows for Germany’s Home Shopping Channel


Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) and Clear-Com® are assisting Germany’s home shopping channel, HSE24, in navigating the current challenges posed by COVID-19. With the necessity of a short-term relocation of individual production members to their home offices, the HSE24 team has been able to continue working and communicating as usual with Clear-Com’s Agent-IC® mobile intercom app.

Norbert Wilinski, broadcast engineer for HSE24, said, "Due to the current situation we had to move some of our live productions to remote offices. Thanks to the seamless integration of Clear-Com's Agent-IC app, remote staff were able to continue producing live content. Maintaining our usual workflow and guaranteeing real-time command was by far our biggest challenge.”

HSE24 uses the Clear-Com Eclipse® HX digital matrix intercom system comprising the Eclipse HX-Omega frame as their primary command system with the latest AoIP technology for their productions. The Agent-IC app has been integrated via a licensed IP port, and additional Agent-IC licenses can be easily integrated upon request.

Norbert explains, "We use Agent-IC for our live expert talks to connect the bidirectional intercom lines from the main studio to the other external locations. In this case, we are using the app as a full-fledged mobile intercom station and for in-ear monitoring.”

Clear-Com’s Agent-IC app can convert mobile devices into virtual intercom stations over 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi networks. For HSE24, this has proved to be a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution that is readily compatible with their existing Eclipse intercom system. Agent-IC can also be integrated with other traditional intercom systems using LQ® IP series interfaces. LQ can be used to configure different audio routes— for example a producer from their home office can communicate with their direction crew and provide live coordination—and in-ear commands can be set up through the LQ’s browser application, CCM.

Clear-Com's Agent-IC App is available on iOS and Android devices, including phones, tablets and the Apple watch. With the appropriate license, the downloadable client is activated and can be set up via Clear-Com's configuration management. Clear-Com’s schedule of live and on-demand webinars, including a webinar on Agent-IC, is available at