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Clear-Com's Wideband Audio Wireless Intercom Solutions on Display at LDI 2015


DX410’s and FreeSpeak II 7 kHz audio bandwidth provides clear, crisp communications for mid to large-size communication needs

Clear-Com®, the leader in real-time communication and connectivity solutions, will bring its new DX410 Wireless Intercom system to the Live Design International (LDI 2015) convention and trade show in Las Vegas, from October 23-25, 2015. The Clear-Com DX410 is a two-channel 2.4GHz digital wireless intercom system that features 7 kHz wideband audio for exceptional audio clarity. The DX410 is on display at Clear-Com’s LDI 2015 (booth #1617); along with the FreeSpeak II wireless intercom, LQ-R four/eight-port IP interface devices, and Agent-IC mobile app.
The Clear-Com DX410 is the first DX Series wireless intercom system to offer this level of audio frequency range. The DX410 also comes with upgraded radio technology for better transmission/reception, 2-wire/4-wire bridging, and 2-wire auto-nulling. The bridging capability allows the 2-wire and 4-wire ports to be combined on either channel A or B; enabling operators to use a 4-wire out to send all audio to a mixer, matrix intercom or other audio source. 2-wire auto-nulling makes it easy to integrate the DX410 with Clear-Com or TW wired partyline systems.
The DX410 uses a frequency hopping system (FHSS), and offers spectrum-friendly and Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) modes, to avoid interference with Wi-Fi, while operating in the 2.4GHz band means that DX410 does not require radio licensing for use.
“The DX Series technology is renowned for quality and performance, and the new DX410 will only affirm that reputation,” said Craig Fredrickson, Product Manager at Clear-Com. “This new addition is truly an exceptional digital wireless system in terms of range, reliability, sound quality and comfort for the size of the system.”
The DX410’s compact BP410 wireless beltpack and WH410 all-in-one wireless intercom headset are designed to remain comfortable during long hours of usage, with both units providing up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge. Each DX410 base station can support as many as 15 BP410 wireless beltpacks and/or WH410 all-in-one wireless headsets at a time.
Also on display at LDI 2015 is Clear-Com’s award-winning FreeSpeak II wireless solution, in both 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz configurations. FreeSpeak II is ideal for large scale roaming across an expansive production area. Its cellular antenna system makes expanding coverage as simple as adding an antenna to the system’s coverage edge. Each FreeSpeak II beltpack can access up to five intercom channels. A maximum of 20 beltpacks can be supported by a standalone base system or up to 65 beltpacks in a mix of 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies can be deployed in the integrated wireless approach. FreeSpeak II also features 7kHz wideband audio.
Clear-Com’s exceptional product line can be seen at LDI 2015 (booth 1617) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 23-25, 2015.