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Clear-Com to Showcase E-IPA IP Audio Card for Eclipse HX Intercom at IBC2018


IBC2018, BOOTH 10. D29 Clear-Com to Showcase E-IPA IP Audio Card for Eclipse HX Intercom at IBC2018 New Eclipse HX system frame card delivers highest density intercom systems on the market 

At IBC2018, Clear-Com® the leader in real-time communications and connectivity solutions, will highlight the high- density audio-and-intercom-over-IP connection card for the Eclipse® HX digital matrix intercom family called E-IPA. Natively AES67 compliant and SMPTE2110-30 ready, the E-IPA card provides 64 streams of low-latency and high audio bandwidth connections for linking existing and new IP-based Clear-Com products, including the new FSII IP transceiver (IPT) and is ready for interoperating with other AES-67 compatible Clear-Com products. Clear-Com can deliver up to 256 IP ports in the Eclipse HX-Median and Omega systems, the highest-density matrix intercom system available on the market for optimizing production communications needs. Launched at NAB2018, the E-IPA IP Connection Card will make its European debut at IBC2018.

The E-IPA card comes in 16, 32, 48, and 64-port options, and is compatible with Eclipse HX-Delta, Median and Omega systems. Eclipse HX-Delta can support up to three E-IPA cards, while the Median and Omega can carry up to four, allowing users to build an extremely dense network with a mix of connectivity options. Compared to other Audio/Intercom-over-IP connectivity options on the market, intercom users can optimize their intercom investment on Eclipse HX and conserve system card slots for other connectivity needs.

E-IPA is natively AES-67 compliant and SMPTE2110-30 ready. For example, Clear-Com’s flagship FreeSpeak II® wireless intercom system has an all-new AES67-based IP Wireless Transceiver (IPT). With up to 64 IP ports, the E-IPA card can support up to 64 IPTs and 64 FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks on just one card over AES-67 compliant IP networks.

“The E-IPA card is the first of two product launches on our new IP platform solution,” said Simon Browne, Vice President of Product Management, Clear-Com.

“With communications needs becoming more complex, the E-IPA card truly delivers IP flexibility to Clear-Com users worldwide. The high-density 64-port version also means that our users don’t have to use up valuable frame card slots to meet their needs. This is truly what IP promises and delivers.”

Now shipping, the E-IPA card and IPT will feature with Eclipse-HX on Clear-Com’s Booth 10. D29 at IBC2018, together with a wide range of Clear-Com’s trusted communications solutions.