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Clear-Com Showcases ICON Solutions at IBC 2013


Clear-Com® showcases its new family of ICON Connectivity Solutions at IBC 2013 (Stand 10.D29). ICON is a collection of communications products that link local or geographically distributed intercom systems over Ethernet/IP networks and/or optical fiber. ICON, which stands for “Intercom CONnectivity,” provides high performance solutions for reliable and secure connections on common infrastructures and is also cost-effective for scalable multi-system networks.

“Today’s broadcast productions often involve multiple teams based in different locations covering a single event or multiple events,” says Simon Browne, Director of Product Management, Clear-Com. “These teams can be situated in different buildings within the same vicinity or separated across a large distance. Despite the separation, teams must still be able to communicate seamlessly and in real-time over one integrated infrastructure. The ability to link disparate communications systems and extend access of voice communications becomes highly critical.

“We are pleased to offer a full range of connectivity solutions to address these communication challenges. With the ability to interface with any Clear-Com or third-party intercom system, ICON Solutions facilitate flexible, secure and cost-effective local and global intercom deployments.”

ICON Connectivity Solutions consists of communications products that operate over Ethernet/IP networks and/or optical fiber links. All ICON solutions maintain high audio quality and system performance. They work well with existing infrastructure and are adaptable to existing network quality and bandwidth. Network connections are secure and tolerant of outages. ICON Solutions include, but are not limited to:

•    VoICE2 — four-channel Ethernet/IP Interface for extending intercom audio communications or four-wire audio to remote sites over IP networks (LAN, WAN, Internet). It features low latency over LAN and WAN, ease of setup and automatic network adaptive CODECs with varying audio qualities.

•    Concert-Server — Ideal solution for operating over IT networks, each Concert™ system offers 144 channels of virtual intercom and/or four-wire audio over Ethernet/IP. Concert provides highly secure connections and low latency over LAN and WAN networks. Each Concert-server is equipped with eight four-wire I/O audio ports and is pre-loaded with Concert-server software. It includes a breakout harness to 16 XLRs (eight I/O) or RJ-45s.

•    Optocore X6R-FX-INTERCOM and V3R-FX-INTERCOM — Designed for Optical fiber rings, the eight port (four port on the V3R) Optocore/Clear-Com intercom interfaces offer transport of intercom audio and control data. Each device includes two redundant LAN network ports and two SANE CAT5 ports and Optocore LC fiber interface. It offers a simple RJ-45 connection for matrices, user panels and any four-wire audio I/O.

•    FIM-202D — Ideal for systems with local and secure connections, this two-channel fiber interface extends Clear-Com matrix intercom to two Clear-Com key-panels or two four-wire audio to remote sites (dual fiber required). The FIM-202D features a throw-down design for ease of deployment, high audio bandwidth and very low latency.

•    Eclipse-HX Matrices — High performance matrix system frames offer up to 64 nodes of connectivity over fiber interface cards. The matrices can also intelligently trunk by means of four-wire, E1, T1, MADI and Ethernet/IP with low latency over LAN and WAN networks. Matrices provide local interfaces for MADI, IP, four-wire, PLs, GPIO, POTS, E1 and T1.