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Clear-Com Offers Reliable Communications Solutions Across the Room or Around the World


IWCE 2017, BOOTH 233

Award-winning wired and wireless solutions enable hands-free critical communications across wide areas Clear-Com®, the leading provider of real-time communications solutions, will exhibit at the International Wireless Communications Expo 2017 (IWCE) to showcase its hands-free, full-duplex wired and wireless communications systems.  Clear-Com’s full-duplex devices can transmit and receive data at the same time, allowing teams (different groups) or individuals (one-on-one) to hold simultaneous conversations on any available channel, across a wide geographical area, with reliable connection and high quality audio.  These can easily interface with other devices such as phones, two way radios and full duplex intercom systems over copper, fiber, IP or wireless transmission paths.

“Current half-duplex radio communications technology limits the natural flow of communication and inhibits the sharing of key information,” said Michael Rucker, Director of Sales for the Americas, Clear-Com. “Only one person can talk at a time; other radio users must wait for the speaker to release the talk button on their radio before they can respond. This is an inefficient way to communicate, especially during a critical situation.”
When the Supervisor at an incident needs to immediately speak with his response team, he puts on his headset, simply presses a button on his beltpack, and is instantly connected to his team. Each user is already pre-programmed on his channel to connect in a certain mode, either in full duplex or half duplex. Those in full duplex mode may carry out interactively and in real-time — much like a natural face to face conversation.
Clear-Com users have the option to roam and talk hands-free via lightweight, comfortable headsets and beltpacks. These devices can be connected to physical panels of different form factors that sit on their desks or in support vehicles, or virtual panels that run on smart devices like iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.
With its portfolio of connectivity solutions, Clear-Com can also connect different communications platforms such as two-way radios and audio devices into a single network.
Clear-Com has been established since 1968 and is a trusted communications provider across many industry sectors, including Public Safety, Energy & Utilities, Public Transportation, Industrial and Warehousing, Ports & Logistics, Prisons, and Homeland Security Services.
At IWCE 2017, Clear-Com is located in booth # 233, which will be held on March 29-30, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.