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Clear-Com® Fast-Tracks Intercom Audio Routing with New Production Maestro for Eclipse at NAB


Software module achieves fast, reliable audio routing control for Eclipse networks

Alameda, California, April 14, 2009 – Clear-Com® Communication Systems, a Vitec Group brand, is debuting at NAB 2009 (Booth C6521) the new Production Maestro™ add-on module for its Eclipse Version 5.1 digital matrix intercom system. This flexible, intuitive software lets operators interact directly with the Eclipse to quickly set up and manage live dynamic voice communications for small or large networked intercom systems.

Introducing unprecedented levels of visibility and interactivity with the Eclipse system, Production Maestro takes the stress out of monitoring and controlling multiple simultaneous communications paths during live events. Operators working in master control for live news and sports, International Broadcast Centers (IBC) at multi-venue sports events and other demanding broadcast environments can simply and reliably set up lines, assign them to operators and track down faults, among other actions, using a tool that works transparently across matrix boundaries and allows for extensive collaboration between multiple operators.

Production Maestro lets operators manage the number of conferences and ports handled through their facility’s intercom network by simple drag-and-drop actions. Screen functions can be tailored to suit an individual daily workflow, while the GUI can display up to 64 ports and more than 80 conferences simultaneously, as well as scale to show a desired number of elements. Large conference systems may be supported by using multiple screens connected to each assignment PC.

“Having the ability to simply and reliably control intercom audio routing, especially for multiple intercom systems, plays a crucial role in successfully managing communications in a broadcast environment,” says Simon Browne, Senior Product Manager, Clear-Com Communication Systems. “Clear-Com designed and developed the Production Maestro module with this in mind, crafting such features as drag-and-drop operations and screen scalability to make the module as intuitive and ‘hands-free’ for the operator as possible.”

Other key Production Maestro functions include the ability to add ports to conferences, move ports from one conference to another or route 4-wires to 4-wires. Users can view all member activities for a conference on each client screen, along with assignments made by other Production Maestro clients. All assignment actions are stored in a command log, providing a visual record of recent activity at each client workstation.

Production Maestro will be available as an add-on module for Eclipse Version 5.1, the latest evolution of Clear-Com’s flagship digital matrix intercom system. Both products will be demonstrated live at NAB this year.