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Clear-Com® Demos V-Series-to-Eclipse Ethernet Link at NAB 2009


V-Series Panels Now Connect With Eclipse Matrix Over A Local IT Network

Alameda, California, April 7, 2009 – Clear-Com® Communication Systems, a Vitec Group brand, will demonstrate for the first time at NAB 2009 (Booth C6521) a direct link from its IP-Enabled V-Series panels to the Eclipse digital matrix intercom frames over an existing WAN or LAN Ethernet connection. This new connectivity option, available for all new and existing V-Series panels, allows broadcasters to establish intercom communications in locations where direct cabling is lacking by employing the existing local IT infrastructure, making it simple and affordable to expand intercom access.

The seamless IP connection between the V-Series and Eclipse is made possible with Clear-Com’s new IVC-32 IP card, enabled by the I.V.Core technology. Each IVC-32 card supports up to 32 IP channels, with each matrix able to hold up to four cards for a total of 128 possible V-Series IP panel connections directly to the frame. As IP connectivity is supplied by the user’s existing WAN or LAN network, all that is needed for connection on the Eclipse side is an Ethernet switch or router linked to the IT network.

“The IP-Enabled V-Series panels are part of Clear-Com’s strategy toward ubiquitous communication across the broadcast environment,” says Simon Browne, Senior Product Manager, Clear-Com Communication Systems. “Thanks to the flexibility of the I.V.Core technology, V-Series panel users previously isolated from a facility’s matrix intercom can now tap into that system, benefiting from the inherent reliability and functionality of its Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM)-based architecture no matter where they are located.”

Also newly available as an internal option module for the V-Series panels is the V-Series T-Adaptor, which allows the panel to connect digitally back to the Eclipse over single shielded twisted-pair cable. This digital audio and data connection keeps the V-Series panel “intelligent,” retaining all its power with the single exception of binaural audio. Panel users can navigate the menus and supervise and assign IFBs as though conventionally connected ? all over a single pair of wires.

The new line of IP-Enabled V-Series panels offers the same forms, features and functions as non-IP panels. All 12- or 24-key, lever or button V-Series rack-mount and desktop panels come with 8-shift pages, including one dedicated key for answer-reply, and with individual mix level control, allowing users to set personal audio levels to suit individual workflows. All panels feature the “Listen Again” technology, which employs digital audio memory to allow the user to replay 30 seconds of received incoming calls, aiding communication in noisy and demanding environments. Each panel’s 10-character display can support international characters such as Chinese, Japanese and Cyrillic.

In addition, advanced digital signal processing (DSP) inside the V-Series panels gives operators increased control over their panels’ audio, including routing, EQ, mic limiting, headset sidetone, as well as intelligent dimming and local Interrupted Foldback (IFB). The DSP audio system has been designed to provide producer/commentator dual operation with stereo monitoring, binaural headset listening, cough switching and local intelligent IFB control/loudspeaker dimming, giving users enhanced control over their audio environments.

I.V.Core is Clear-Com’s revolutionary set of building blocks and engines enabling real-time, dynamic and non-blocking intercom capabilities over a standard IP network, making new and traditional intercom systems IP-compatible.