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Clear-Com Brings Multi-national Intercom Connectivity to TeleSUR


TeleSUR, the Latin American 24-hour news broadcaster has successfully installed a Clear-Com® Eclipse HX-Delta digital matrix intercom system and upgraded an Eclipse Median system for production communication. Via an IP connection, the system enables real-time communication between the broadcaster’s two main locations in Venezuela and Ecuador, and also connects its news correspondents in various cities across South America.

The Eclipse Median matrix installed in TeleSUR’s headquarters in Venezuela is connected  to the Eclipse HX Delta matrix in its production center in Ecuador and are virtually linked over an IP network connection using Clear-Com’s VoICE 2.0 IP interfaces. Not only does this connect the production teams at both broadcast facilities, the news correspondents based throughout the region can also instantly connect and talk to any production crew, regardless of their location, on either physical IP-based V-Series panels or virtual Concert soft clients that run on PCs and Macs. The Clear-Com solution provides TeleSUR with a cost-effective, real-time multi-national communications solution.
“Communicating with our Clear-Com system over IP is seamless, perfect, and instantaneous,” said Helga Malave, Director of Communications for TeleSUR. “It has given us a cost-effective and simple way to discuss and co-ordinate projects throughout our organization.”
“We’ve worked with Clear-Com solutions within our facility for 10 years since TeleSUR started broadcasting, and their products have always delivered exceptional results,” added Malave.  “This last year marked the first time we’ve used IP for connectivity between locations, and thanks to our good experiences previously with Clear-Com, their system was the clear choice for these vital communication links. Best of all, the Eclipse HX system has been quick to install and configure and very easy for our staff to use no matter where they are located.”
Ever since its early years, TeleSUR has worked with Caracas-based AVCOM (Clear-Com’s distributor in Venezuela). AVCOM was responsible for the original Clear-Com installation in TeleSUR’s first headquarters in Los Ruices, and now in its new headquarters located in North Boleíta.
“With direct communication between international facilities, TeleSUR’s installation shows how Clear-Com can meet the needs of broadcasters, whether in a single building, a large campus, or in multiple countries,” said Joquebed Colin Lugo, Regional Sales Manager for Latin America at Clear-Com. “By tying Eclipse digital matrices together and with physical and virtual IP panels, broadcast organizations benefit tremendously through cost savings and distributed resources across a vast region compared to traditional telephony communications.”