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Clear-Com® Announces Availability of SOFT-VoICE Virtual Intercom Panel


System Allows Users to Connect to their Remote Intercom Matrix via a PC

The SOFT-VoICE virtual intercom panel is now available for immediate shipping

From Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, and the global leader of trusted intercom solutions.

SOFT-VoICE is a virtual intercom panel that enables Clear-Com Eclipse users to connect to a remote intercom matrix through standard Windows XP-based PCs.

Connecting remote personnel with fixed sites often poses technological and logistical challenges to studios and switching centres. The quality of connection, reliability of the network and development of the overall communications system can be complicated to set-up and difficult to maintain.

Now, Clear-Com’s SOFT-VoICE provides a simple, low-cost VoIP-based communications infrastructure. The PC connects via the Internet or an IP network to a Clear-Com VoICE interface at the remote matrix, the VoICE interface makes the SOFT-VoICE PC appear as a conventional intercom panel to the matrix.

The SOFT-VoICE application provides all call signaling, audio and label information on the “virtual” panel. SOFT-VoICE can also be integrated into an existing Clear-Com system to deliver broadcast-quality audio over legacy networks.

“SOFT-VoICE offers professionals an efficient and lower cost entry into a station intercom system without sacrificing functionality,” said Simon Browne, Soft-VoICE’s Product Manager."

This is a simple and robust platform that delivers high quality full dynamic range audio communications between a PC and the Clear-Com matrix backbone.

SOFT-VoICE for Windows XP is available now.