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Are you a passionate problem-solver and innovator? If you are, you’ll fit right in. With our team you’ll help design communication solutions to meet the unique needs of users around the world. 



The Sales team at Clear-Com represents the very best in the business, made up of experienced and technically savvy sales professionals who are supporting a broad range of markets. Business Development is included in the Sales department, and often focuses their mission on an emerging industry.

Product Management

Clear-Com’s Product Management is a global team, with key team members across California, the UK, and beyond. They are responsible for the product roadmap, drawing on market research and customer feedback to determine the overall product strategy. Product Management works closely with engineering, design, and marketing teams to ensure that the product meets user needs and is marketed effectively.

Overall, the product management department plays a critical role in ensuring that a company's products are successful in the marketplace and drive business growth.


Engineering at Clear-Com is spread between the California, Montreal, and Cambridge offices, and includes a broad range of roles across hardware and software disciplines. Innovating on proven technologies, the engineering department is responsible for overseeing the entire engineering process, from the initial concept to the final product, ensuring that all safety and regulatory standards are met, and delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Service & Support

Known in the industry for providing the very best support, Clear-Com’s Global Service and Support department plays a critical role in the company’s success. The team helps a broad range of customers in many different ways, from onsite engineering support for a rocket launch to a support phone call with a local church to online webinars and training. Overall, the Global Service and Support department plays an important role in maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring that for Clear-Com’s customers, “the show must go on”.


The Clear-Com Marketing department is responsible for all aspects of promoting the Clear-Com brand and products to a global audience of users, often harnessing the power of the company’s global Partner network. Marketing strives to understand the needs of customers and create strategies that will effectively communicate the value of Clear-Com’s solutions. Across trade shows, events, advertising, public relations, social media, digital marketing, and more, the Marketing team is constantly measuring results to ensure that their marketing efforts align with Clear-Com’s overall business goals.


The Finance department at Clear-Com is an essential component of the organization, managing the financial affairs of the company across the various global offices. Their responsibility includes maintaining financial records, creating financial reports, tracking budgets, and analyzing financial data. This team also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and tax laws as well as working closely with other departments such as sales, human resources, and operations.


Headquartered at the company’s purpose-built manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, California, the Clear-Com Manufacturing department consists of a team of skilled workers, supervisors, and managers who work together to ensure that Clear-Com products are built to the highest quality standards, using the LEAN methodology. Awarded the prestigious AME Award in 2019, the Carlsbad facility meets the highest standards for manufacturing excellence, safety protocols, and product quality.

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