GPIO: Examples and Step-By-Step Set Up

Setting up a Partyline/2-Wire relay to a radio (VOX trigger).

2-Wire to radio GPO

This example shows how to send a GPO (General Purpose Output) trigger to a third party radio when audio comes in from an Encore RS701 beltpack. This can be used to open audio transmission on the radio; equivalent to pressing the Push To Talk (PTT) button on the radio.

The GPO is triggered by LQ models that have a GPO port; LQ-4WG2, GQ-R2WG8 and LQ-R2W4+4WG4.

Note: For this configuration Link Group must already be established. See Creating a Link-Group for more information.

ClosedGeneral set up outline

ClosedBeltpack to radio on VOX trigger

Closed2-Wire beltpack to radio on Call button press