Programming a HelixNet LQ Link-Group

  • The HelixNet Main Station that has been designated as the Link-Master must be reachable on an IP network by all other Link-Memebers.

The HLI-ET2 module must be fitted to the HelixNet Main Station for IP connectivity.

  • To access the Core configuration manager (CCM), input the IP address of each device into the address field of a browser.
  • Once LQ and HelixNet devices have been joined to a Link-Group, they can be monitored and configured from any device within that group.

  • An LQ/HelixNet Link-Group supports up to three linked HelixNet Main Stations and up to three linked LQ units (a maximum of 6 devices in total).


Find details of the CCM username and password here: The Core Configuration Manager (CCM) Password

ClosedGeneral outline: create a HelixNet/LQ Link-Group

ClosedDemonstration: create a HelixNet/LQ Link-Group