The Core Configuration Manager (CCM) Password

The username for the CCM is: admin.

The default password is unique to each device.

To find the default password navigate to: Front panel menu>Networking>CCM Password>[unique password].

The default unique password can only be viewed in the front panel menu of the device UNTIL you change it in the CCM. If you change the password it is no longer available in the front panel menus. If you lose your CCM password, you can reset it to the default from the front panel menu in order to gain access to the CCM.

Change the CCM password from the default setting

In the CCM, navigate to: Device>General>Change password.

Reset the CCM password from the front panel menus

Press and hold the Menu button for 3 seconds (the menu button is the center button on the circular control pad).

Using the navigation arrows, navigate to Front panel menu>Administration>Reset CCM pass>Reset CCM pass.

Push the menu button to select an option or commit changes.

Once you have reset the password, it is available for you to view under Networking in the front panel menu.